Where do I start??? I think I actually love every Italian food I’ve ever tasted, the only one I didn’t get too excited about was polenta but it could have been the way it was cooked!!


  • COLD MEATS – My  favourite has to be parma ham!! I love it as a starter with melon, only in Italy though because the melon is so sweet and much nicer than here(of course!!) Another cold meat which is really popular is mortadella, not really heard of here. It’s lovely on a cheese and tomato pizza, you just put it on after the pizza is cooked. Superquinn do a really good brand of Italian cold meats called Rovagnati, a little expensive but worth it.


  • CHEESE – Buffalo mozzarella for sandwiches and caprese!! Parmesan for pasta or just to eat on it’s own with breadsticks or olives. In Atina in Bru’s aunt’s restaurant they have these little ricotta cheese parcels made locally and they are so delicious with the local bread. We stuff our faces everytime they have this cheese, actually we stuff our faces everytime we go there anyway!!Smile 


  • PASTA – One of our favourites is just the traditional dish of penne with a good home-made tomato sauce and loads of parmesan on top. We have this every Monday night because it’s so quick and easy to make, I’ll post the recipe. Our number one has to be linguine with clams, we went to the Amalfi Coast 2 years ago, they have so much fresh fish in this area and this pasta dish was on nearly every menu,mmmmmm!! It’s lovely with courgettes and chilli added too!!!


  • PIZZA – When it comes to pizza less is definately more!!! In Ireland people tend to pile as much as possible on their pizza. In Italy the focus is on the base, good quality tomato sauce and good mozzarella. Our favourite is Margherita of course with buffalo mozzarella. Sometimes we will put mortadella or parma ham on top just for a change. This is going to sound strange but coleslaw is lovely on pizza (our home-made coleslaw of course). Bru’s dad actually started us on this, the most unlikely person as he is 100% traditional Italian but every now and then he throws caution to the wind. He also makes great fish and chips.!! Sorry Alfredo your secret is out!!Innocent


  • MEAT – The old reliable definately wins out here “filetto” or fillet steak. It has to be cooked RARE, the more blood the better. I know most people here eat it well done but we love it rare, rare and more rare. We normally just eat it grilled and then add a little lemon juice, black pepper and sea salt. We normally have baby potaoes roasted with garlic and rosemary and maybe some braised spinach or rocket salad. YUMMY!!


  • FISH – To be honest we love all fish except salmon but if we had to pick a favourite it would probably be swordfish( i posted a recipe previously) There is nothing nicer than fresh prawns in their shells, a little messy but so tasty. We also like seabass done in the oven with fennel.


  • DESSERT – Gelato of course when on holidays!! Italian ice-cream is so nice, even though we’ve noticed all of these really modern Gelaterias opening up in Italy but the ice-cream isn’t great. You’re better off going to the smaller, older,  family -run places because they probably make their own. We went to a really famous one in Sorrento (can’t remember the name) but anyone who has been to Sorrento has been to this place. It’s on the main street. In Ireland we love fresh strawberries when in season served with vanilla mascarpone.


  • MISC – Espresso and Limoncello after dinner, Green olives, italian fruit, proseco, bragetto, cornetti and cappucino for breakfast



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Thursday, February 22, 2007