BOMBONIERE – this is an Italian tradition where everyone is given a momento of the christening, it was a little bag with sweets inside and her initals on the front. It’s a nice touch and was really appreciated by everyone on the day.

So the big day arrived at long last, 4 months to be exact. The weather was awful on Sunday and the principessa (princess) wasn’t too happy about being dressed like a bride!!! The outfit came from Italy of course courtesy of Nonna(grandma), she even had the “little house on the prarie hat”, she was so not impressed but looked so cute.

There was another baby girl being christened on the day and of course one baby was an angel and one had a heart attack everytime the priest came near her. She was so cranky, all she wanted to do was eat the prayer booklet which of course I let her, the child just wanted some pasta me thinksLaughing 

 At the end then we did the usual pictures with the priest etc and looked around to get the Italian family up to the alter for pictures and they were all gone!!! It was 2.30pm way past Sunday lunch so they’d all left to eat!! Only the few Irish contingent were left ready and waiting with their cameras. When it comes to food and Italians nothing stands in their way.


We got through it anyway and had the reception in the Piccola. Nonna had been preparing for days, Bru was drafted in on Saturday to scoop out potato balls which he thoroughly enjoyed, no potato cubes allowed at these fancy gatherings just posh potato balls. Only the best for the princess!!! Nonno Alfredo was the coctail master throwing together champagne coctails for the masses. Nonna had put together an amazing spread of food, we had:

antipasto – fish antipasti, parma ham, bean salad etc

primi – lasagna ( this is no ordinary lasagna, it’s made with mini meatballs, boiled eggs, tomato sauce and cheese)

secondi – rack of lamb, roast beef, BRU’S POTATO BALLS and salad.

dolci – home-made cake made by nonna and zia Wilma.

It was so nice, our friends couldn’t believe how much there was to eat they thought they were finished at the lasagna stage but soldiered on and ate a bit of everything. There is this stereotypical image of Italians, loads of them sitting around check tablecloth tables, drinking the vino rosso and shouting(they don’t talk), it’s all true. This is what it was like the italians in one part of the restaurant drinking the vino and talking with their mouths full and then the Irish on the other side saying “how do they eat all this food” with a couple of pints in front of them. The Italians finished the wine, the Irish finished the keg.

The drinking and shouting went on till 7, the elders went home and the “yung ones” went onto the Whitehouse for a bit of Irish music, and still managed to fit in a kebab and garlic chips at 2 in the morning even after all that lovely food. Actually, believe it or not Bru’s cousins Pasquale and Paulo love kebabs and garlic chips, everytime they come here we have to bring them to Abbrakebabra. Their restaurant in Italy is a member of Slow Food, it makes you wonder!!! I’m going to name drop here, Paulo Tullio was eating there last summer when we were there.Cool We were too shy to say hi, Bru’s dad had a chat with him though.

Anyway I brought home the princess and the leftovers which we thoroughly enjoyed watching Lost on Monday night.



Till the next bambino!!!