Since the princess arrived 5 months ago our social life has become non-existent to say the least so we decided to treat ourselves to a night in  in Galway. (someday I’ll figure out how to use the links) 

So we booked the G, packed up the princess and more or less the whole house and dropped her off to Nonna. My god, babies have so much stuff!!!  We were supposed to leave at 3 but of course as usual nothing ever goes according to plan in our lives. La Cucina was up the walls and they had so much to do, meatballs, bolognese etc. Meatballs take forever by the way, they don’t magically make themselves unfortunately especially when you have to roll about 200 of them by hand!!

We eventually got on the road at about 5pm and of course the little oil picture pops up on the dashboard. even though we had just got it serviced. Now I had told a certain Italian about this a couple of weeks ago but had anything been done??? So we pulled into the garage on the Dublin road and there was no dipstick bla,bla,bla( I was in the car reading the latest edition of olive)while 4 of them stood looking into the bonnet, it was all computerised so we had to go to the mechanic. It was 5.45pm at this stage and my mood was beginning to turn towards bad but luckily Danno the mechanic sorted it all out. Personally I think he was afraid of the look on my face and felt sorry for Bru!!! 

Anyway the mood changed, the weather was lovely, the Mews was on the stereo and I hadn’t been for a drive in a while and was looking forward to my few bevies. The g turned out to be fantastic, it’s very chic, very funky and very cool!! The staff are very friendly and quite young so there is nothing pretentious about it at all. We booked dinner for 9 and had an aperitif beforehand and guess what they give you free nibbles. So already they were in my good books. They also serve prosecco which I love before dinner!

The menu is quite Italian and quite expensive but we hadn’t been out in so long we went all out. I had the foie gras to start and Bru had the carpaccio of beef. Both were lovely and the french sommelier offered me a glass of sweet wine to accompany the foie gras. Now I love my wine and I know what I like but I haven’t a clue how to describe it, what goes with what, what it smells like, new world, old world etc etc! So when the french waiter asks me so politely and calls me madame, who am I to refuse. He knows what he’s talking about and I’m just a big sucker trying to pretend I know.

When we were being seated the maitre’d informed us that they had no lobster left, of course this was what I was going to have. He came back a couple of minutes later and told me he had one left and would put my name on it. I think it must have been my new mac eyeliner!!

I have to say I’m a bit partial to lobster, I love it!! Bru’s brother in law goes fishing in the summer and brings back bags of them. Nonna cooks them in a lovely cream sauce with brandy and mustard. Like all Irish people I was a bit shocked when I saw her cooking it for the first time. I never knew they were black and that they are cooked alive and scream. It didn’t help that she put one on the bbq alive and it went on fire!! All hell broke loose with a gang of Italians trying to put out the lobster fire!!! ah the memories!!

The only problem with lobster is that there is never enough, but I have to say it was so tasty in the g, Bru had the fillet steak served with spinach and portobello mushroom which was really nice but not cooked rare like he asked. We have a big problem getting our steak cooked rare, it’s always medium!! It drives us crazy because we like it really rare.

For dessert I had the mascarpone rice pudding, Italians don’t get rice pudding, rice is for risotto not dessert. There’s nothing like a good rice pudding and this one didn’t disappoint. Bru had the chocolate tart which was served warm – one word “yummy”

Now the only thing that didn’t deliver was the coffee. We had two espressos and they were so bad we didn’t even drink them and they weren’t cheap at €4. We had a couple of limoncellos after not cheap either at €6.50 but it’s rare to see them on a menu so we had two each. They have a great cocktail menu which is very rare in Ireland anymore and the cocktails were quite good. Bru loves his mojito and I just have anything that sounds good. We had a few nightcaps and headed off to our super king bed for our first full night’s sleep in a long time.