I have to admit when it comes to salads we tend to be a bit boring, we always have them as a side to meat or fish but never as the main dish. So, when browsing through Jamie Oliver’s site the other day I saw this tasty little number and decided to throw caution to the wind and ditch the pasta and have a salad for a change. The princess decided to make my little adventure a little difficult by deciding that bedtime at 8pm is for babies and 10.30pm is a much more suitable time! We tend to eat when she goes to bed as she is such a little minx, she’s 8 and 1/2  months going on 2, I can’t leave her for a second! My mother minds her on a Wednesday and she decided to give the poor women a heart attack last week by eating a piece of her Barney book and getting it caught in her throat! Luckily she got it out, a friend and neighbour of ours who is a doctor looked surprised when I told him the story and asked me “but was it a book for babies?”. Well no not exactly but she loves the pop out pictures – BAD MOTHER, it’s probably for a 3 year old!!!

She is such a tearaway, I call her the princess but she’s as far removed from one as a baby could be! She’s doing her damn hardest to walk by herself and is nearly there, she knows no fear, she decided yesterday who needs a table I’m going to stand on my own and she managed it! Now a lot of mother’s might brag about this but my advice to all you future parents is let them eat and sleep until they’re 6 months old, none of this new age stuff of reading them stories at 2 weeks old and getting them to stand at 3 months, the next baby is going to be so neglected the poor thing:)

Anyway we ended up eating our salads one at a time while the other tried to put her to sleep but she’s so bloody clever she knew one of us was in the kitchen and kept calling and trying to play. They make fools of you these babies, they just pretend to be cute and cuddly but as they say in Big Brother they all have a “GAME PLAN”.

The salad was delicious if not a little lonely and would be a great starter for a dinner party I think!!


  • 2 fresh tuna steaks – I got mine in Superquinn, I have to say they always have a good selection of tuna at the weekends
  • 2 bunches asparagus
  • 1 punnet of good cherry tomatoes chopped – I used Irish but they’re not great at the moment – the weather???
  • handful fresh basil leaves
  • handful black olives pitted – I used Kalamata from Superquinn. They do a good pre-pack Italian brand called Salviani.
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tbsp creme fraiche
  • sea salt and black pepper


 – heat a griddle pan and cook your asparagus until it has the charred marks on it. Put a heavy pot or pan on top and press down to cook faster. Leave to cool down.

 –  put your asparagus in a bowl with your tomatoes, half the basil and olives, season and pour over some olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.

 – rub your tuna steaks with a little oil and season them. Heat up your grill pan again and sear them for about 2 minutes each side.

 – pound the rest of the basil in a pestle and mortar, add the creme fraiche, season and add some lemon juice.

 – serve the salad on a plate and place tuna on top and creme fraiche on the side.

Verdict – Bruno would have preferred it without the creme fraiche but I liked it. It would still be as tasty without!

p.s. I have to say a big THANK YOU to our neighbours Dr John and Dr Lesley(parents of Alessia’s future husband, he’s 7 months), they took on the daunting task of inviting us to a BBQ last night. John was shaking in his boots about cooking my steak right and it was absolutely perfect – RARE just the way we like it! The grilled banana with dark chocolate sauce was surprisingly good and the espresso ended off a perfect evening. Thanks guys!!:)