I sent an email to Taste Italia magazine a while back regarding an article they did on Italian food in the UK just giving my opinion on Italian food in Ireland. I never in a million years expected them to write back or print my letter but they did both. They printed my email in the letters section in last month’s edition and this month they have featured us at the back in the deli section. They’ve included a photo and a little blog about me and Bru!

 For those of you not familiar with the magazine, it’s a Uk publication and it focuses completely on Italian food(obviously) it’s great for Italophiles. I buy it every month and cook a lot of recipes from it and posted about a couple – the fabulous “Torta di Pomodoro e Ricotta” and the lovely Lemon Roast Chicken Pieces. Myself and Bru drool over the recipes every month especially the desserts. I keep dropping hints to Laura in the hope she might make them and bring me a sample to La Cucina but it hasn’t happened yet;) I live in hope, Peach and Mascarpone tart – mmmmmmmmmmmmm!



p.s. We’re in this week’s Limerick Post too:)