We’ve decided to hold off on going to Italy until the princess is a little older as she just doesn’t travel well, she hates the car. Everyone reacts with shock when I tell them as all babies are supposed to love the car and fall asleep every time they travel in it. Well, not this one!! It’s not like she has developed this hate, she has been the same since day one. It’s a little annoying to be honest as it restricts where we can travel as she gets into hysterics when strapped in so it’s just not worth it. We’re hoping that she grows out of it or else we’re trading her in:)

We started a new baby class at My Gym yesterday just so she can be around other children, we all sat around in a little circle and sang songs and clapped hands, well me and the other mothers and babies did. The princess was gone chasing the huge gym ball around the place which was about 10 times bigger than her while all the little perfect angels sat singing away. The male teacher then decided to join the group and she shouts at the top of her voice “Da da da da” and everyone gave a little embarrassed chuckle.  She had absolutely no interest in any of the babies just what this guy was doing and proceeded to smile and wave at him for the whole time, leaving me dancing and singing like an idiot on my own for the whole time. If she wasn’t chasing after the ball she was following him around:) MINX!!!! 

As you can imagine she is a complete handful and cooking can be quite difficult at times so this simple side dish is often cooked in our house to have with fish or meat. The MIL actually makes it with ham and we often put a couple of spoons into our pasta with home-made tomato sauce on Sunday – Delicious!!


  • frozen peas
  • 100g pancetta
  • 1 onion finely chopped
  • olive oil
  • white wine
  • sea salt and black pepper


 – pour a glug of olive oil into a deep pan and cook your onions and bacon for a few minutes.

 -add in your peas, season and leave to cook for about 10 – 15 mins or until peas are cooked

 – add a splash of white wine and cook until the alcohol evaporates.

 – serve with whatever you like!!!