Here is a little pic of “moi” looking a tad nervous before my radio debut!!!! So, the day finally came and I was perfect that morning, dropped the princess off to her Nonna, scribbled down a few pointers and headed into town and then the panic began. I got really nervous when I arrived in town, I popped into Olio e Farina and Susan just laughed at my white panic stricken face, I stuffed a few Italian grapes into me which she is selling for 2 weeks as it is picking time in Italy and they really are delicious!! I had an hour to kill so I headed into Sage Cafe for a coffee but opted for a big glass of chardonnay instead – who says alcohol doesn’t calm the nerves:) 

The show actually starts at 3pm but they were having a fire drill in the building so all the staff were outside when I arrived, while waiting I met my ex-butcher who has just taken over the shop beside RTE and he started talking to me about buying meat off him again, I don’t think I actually heard a word he said, I probably agreed to take his meat at a premium price, he was probably thinking “wow Lorraine has really mellowed out after the baby”:). The fire drill eventually finished and I headed up to the RTE studios, there was a really cool looking band heading up at the same time and they were actually in the studio next to me playing live!! I was put into the little room that you see above at 3.10pm and left alone with my massive headphones listening to the show. Every couple of minutes someone kept saying “HELLO” and I couldn’t hear the show. I kept thinking would she ever shut up or I won’t be able to hear the segment and I’ll miss my part. Eventually the receptionist came in with the phone to her ear asking me was someone trying to talk to me from Dublin through the headphones and would I please answer back – OOOOOOOPS!!!! 

Paulo came on and I got myself ready and wasn’t nervous at all and I waited and waited and waited!! While I waited he talked about cream in Carbonara and how restaurants use the excuse that customers want it etc etc and I was like “o shxt that’s what I’m going to say”!!! Eventually they brought me in and it was actually fine, they were both very nice, he only asked me half the questions from the brief that I had and I think I answered them OK and didn’t use “like” or “am”!!! After the last question they went to a recording of another Italian restaurant so I just sat and waited for him to say Thanks and Goodbye but nothing happened so I just sat there not knowing what to do!! About 10 mins later the producer came on and thanked me and apologised that they had to finish and I went on my merry way!!

I rang Bru straight away to get the synopsis as I couldn’t even remember a word I said and I got the “thumbs up” so all was good!! I have to say I really enjoyed it and loads of people heard it, even the postman said it to me the next day so there has been great publicity for the shop and that’s the main thing!! Are we still going to serve cream in our carbonara – yep, until the day people start to ask for it without!! We actually had carbonara on Monday and here is a little pic to show that we don’t eat it with cream and the recipe is here!!!


p.s. if you have nothing better to do and want to hear it just go to the Mooney Show and click on Wednesday and fast forward to 1hr 6 mins!!

p.p.s. 2 very good friends of ours have started a financial blog of sorts, does anyone need 10 good reasons to buy property in Dubai???? If I had the money I wouldn’t even need 1!!!! There are some great articles and great advice so check it out here. Watch out Mr Hobbs, Jonsey has arrived:)