Milanese is one of those dishes we often have when we want something quick, easy and tasty!! We usually have it with fillet or dare I say it “veal”and a bit of salad on the side. Even when I was in hospital with the princess “The MIL” sent it into me a couple of times, I’m afraid I just cannot do hospital food!!! I love the way they offer you a fry or salad for your tea – what a choice, I can’t imagine a fry is going to help you recover faster;) I was there for 2 weeks and never ate the lunch or tea once, Bru used to arrive in twice a day laden down with foil containers full of minestrone soup and the likes. I think they thought I was some snobby “yung wan” but I brought them in a huge cake before I left and I was forgiven – I did eat my porridge every morning though:)

I’ve mentioned before that Panini Pollo is one of our most popular sandwiches, it’s a toasted ciabatta with mayo, lettuce, tomato and this chicken recipe – definately not “authentic Italian”. We make 20 of these fillets every 2 days much to the delight of the kitchen staff! We also use this recipe for our party chicken goujons, we just cut up the chicken into goujons first and then bread them and serve them with a pesto mayo and sun-dried mayo dip. There are a few variations of this recipe, you can check out Gino di Campo’s recipe here, he serves it with a nice tomato & olive salad. He mentions about black olives, for a while we had a really nice Italian black olive in La Cucina but it didn’t sell because of the colour, it was more of a purple colour than black but customers seemed to want the really black ones, he says the best olives are the aubergine coloured as the really black ones are dyed with squid ink – I never knew this and I prefer the purple ones as they have a lot more flavour so I might get them back and do some educating!!

Did anyone see Gino on Tubridy on Saturday night (I know the boring life I lead), I like him, I know he plays on the charming Italian a bit but it works and he’s very entertaining! I loved his quote:
“Italian food is like Italian men – minimum effort and maximum satisfaction” and Ryan’s response “with Irish men it’s the other way round”. – NO COMMENT;)


 – 2 chicken breasts – buy the biggest you can find

 – 2 eggs beaten

 – plain flour

 – 8 tbsp breadcrumbs – you can make your own or just use the fresh breadcrumbs available in most of the supermarkets. We make our own in La Cucina.

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – olive oil – we still have the olive oil for frying in La Cucina.


 – open out your chicken breasts like a butterfly and pound until quite thin and season. This is important because if the chicken is too thick your breadcrumbs will burn and the chicken will be raw in the middle. 

 – dip your chicken into the egg and then into breadcrumbs. Some recipes use flour before the egg, we don’t but it’s up to you.

 – fill the base of a pan with olive oil and add your chicken. The key to getting the golden colour is to cook it over a low heat.

I find this recipe fine with fillet or veal but with chicken I think it needs a little more so you can add some chopped flat leaf parsley or rosemary and Parmesan to the breadcrumbs and it makes it much tastier.

serve with any of these or all if you want:)

 french bean salad
 potato salad
 cherry tomato salad


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