I have been tagged for my first meme by the lovely Marie over at Proud Italian Cook, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, it is basically a way of learning more about the blogger and their lives!! Here it goes:


 – SHOP ASSISTANT IN SHANNON AIRPORT – I worked in the newsagents in the airport for about 6 years while I was in college!! I used to do the early shift on Sat and Sun morning 6am to 4pm and hated it, I’d often just be in the door at 4 and then out at 5 but it paid well at the time so I stuck it out!! I used to work the whole summer to pay off all my drinking sorry college loans;) and used to be so jealous of everyone else heading off on their J1 visas to the States:(

 – WAITRESS – I did this in a number of places down through the years mainly in the Pizzeria and loved it, I always made great tips;) The Irish “gob” comes in handy in these jobs!!

 – BANK ASSISTANT – I went straight from college into the Bank of Ireland and hated every minute of it, I wouldn’t mind but they stuck me in customer service which wasn’t too bad but it just wasn’t me!! I was always making mistakes, I had to do the big non cash lodgements and of course lodged 10,000 into the wrong account but I did increase the customer satisfaction rating while I was there:)

 – SALES MANAGER – I got offered a job while in the bank as a sales rep with a frozen food company but there was one teeny requirement, I had to drive but I couldn’t!! I had only tried once and was pretty bad so I applied for the test and got a bloody cancellation straight away so I had a month to learn. I took 3-4 lessons a week for 4 weeks and passed with flying colours!! I had never driven another car besides my instructors! I got the job and then had to drive a brand new golf from the garage about an hour away from where I live and took the wing mirror off a car on the way!! OOOps:) I stayed there for 4 years and learned so much about the food industry in Ireland and it was through this that I spotted the gap in the market for La Cucina!!


 – Shannon: It’s where I’m from, god help me:)

 – Tralee: It’s where I went to college

 – Australia: I did the whole backpacking thing in 1995 when no one else was doing it and we were only “babies”. The MIL didn’t sleep for months:)

 – Limerick: I swore I would never live in Ireland, we came back from Australia for me to finish my degree so we could apply for residency and Bru decided to open a restaurant – after 15 long years I have learnt to cope with the anger:)!!! We’ve never looked back even though the Irish weather still kills me!!


 – Boston and Chicago

 – France

 – Italy: to be honest we are not very adventurous and just go to Italy all the time, it’s a tough life!!

 – The Canaries – what Irish person hasn’t!!!


 – PIZZA – margherita with buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.

 – PASTA – spaghetti or linguine with clams

 – COFFEE – cappucino and espresso

 – GELATO – crema, nocciola, fragola and my all time favourite lemon sorbet!!


 – I have to say life is pretty good and once I’m with Bru and the princess I’m a contented little camper, a little trip to Italy and the beach help every now and again:) but if I had to choose it would be here and here.

The 4 people I tag are, they mightn’t want to do it but I’ve done my bit and passed it on!!

Laura, Val, Maz, Deborah