I’ve been a bit lazy on the fish front lately mainly due to a very limited selection in my local Superquinn!! There is only salmon or cod basically from Monday to Thursday and then there is a bit more at the weekend. They used to have a great selection but as usual in Ireland it probably didn’t sell so they have cut it back to the good sellers and they have one whole stand dedicated to “salmon”, now there is nothing wrong with salmon but I’m not going to eat it every week so I was delighted to see this weekend they has loads of fish – tuna, swordfish, clams, prawns, mussels and sea bass so I bought a bit of everything!!! I better get the Silver Spoon out;) 

On the subject of Superquinn I have to say I’m really impressed with their new Superior Range, now I know we all complain about the supermarkets but the fact of the matter is we are dependant on them and this is not going to change for the foreseeable future, yes we will all make an effort to buy at the local Farmer’s Market but this is only on one day a week in Limerick and unfortunately we all can’t get there all the time. It’s got to the stage where it’s fashionable now to frown on buying in the supermarket BUT everybody still is!!! So I’m happy to see they are making an effort in providing better quality produce, I have tried most of the new range at this stage and can honestly say the pears and tomatoes are the best I have tasted outside of Italy. The lamb noisettes are so moist and tender and The MIL gives the chicken with parma ham the big thumbs up and that’s saying something. We had the ricotta and rocket ravioli the other night with our own tomato sauce and they were perfect “fast food” – tasty, good quality and fast!! The only complaint I have is that they are out of stock of everything for the last few days, the range obviously went down well!!

 This recipe for sea bass is really handy as everything goes into the one tray, it’s simple and full of flavour!!



 – sea bass – I always ask at the fish counter for my fish to be filleted. I bought 3 bass for the 2 of us.

 – 4 garlic cloves: 2 left in skins and 2 sliced really thinly
the new SQ purple garlic is streets ahead of any other supermarket garlic, such a strong flavour, it really made this dish! 

 – 2 lemons: use the juice of one and cut 1 into wedges

 – 4 potatoes: I used the new Oilean in SQ. Slice as thin as you can as everything is cooked together and the fish cooks quite fast. If you prefer your potatoes a little thicker then cook them on their own for about 10 mins and then add the fish!!

 – flat parsley chopped

 – chives chopped

 – olive oil

 – margarine to grease your tray so the potatoes don’t stick.

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – white wine


 – grease your oven dish and pour in some olive oil

 – line the base with your potatoes and your half of your sliced garlic. Season and pour over a little more olive oil

 – place your sea bass on top, season, add remaining sliced garlic and  herbs.

 – pour over your lemon juice, wine and olive oil. Add your garlic cloves and a couple of lemon wedges!!

 – cook for 20 to 30 mins and serve!!

 – the oven roasted tomatoes would be perfect with this dish!!


p.s. I have no cooked photo as I prepared it that day and we ate it at night, but believe me it was DELICIOUS!!:)