I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner, I say this every year and tell myself that next year I will be more organised but of course this will never happen, I will still be doing my shopping on Christmas Eve as usual. I can’t even use the princess as an excuse as I’ve always been the same:) I actually miss the restaurant this time of year as December is a great month in the restaurant calendar, mainly for the turnover;) but also the atmosphere and buzz of the party dining season. Everyone is glammed up to the nines, the vino is flowing freely and everybody eating out is there for enjoyment and celebration which makes the restaurant a happy place to work in at this time of year! The Christmas season doesn’t really affect La Cucina as it’s a take-away so we don’t actually get much busier, if anything the weekend’s get quieter. We close from the 22 Dec until Jan 3 just to give ourselves a break and give us the option of going to Italy if we want to. We’re not going this year as everybody is staying put so there will probably be up to 25 of us at the MIL’s again this year – BRING ON THE FEAST:)

I’ve been dying with the flu for the last few days so I’ve been trying to incorporate more veg into my diet at lunch instead of the regular ham and cheese ciabatta so I made this yesterday after having a big bowl of minestrone. I know asparagus isn’t in season but I’m forced to buy it from my local supermarket and it never was in season as it was coming from Peru during the summer and still is! This bruschetta is great for a light lunch or a simple starter and is quick and easy to make.


 – 1 bunch asparagus spears

 – 2 slices bruschetta bread or ciabatta

 – 1 garlic clove

 – extra virgin olive oil

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – balsamic vinegar

 – shavings of Parmesan cheese


 – snap off the hard woody bases of asparagus about halfway down the spear.

 – season spears and brush with some olive oil

 – heat a griddle pan and cook your asparagus until it has the charred marks on it. Put a heavy pot or pan on top and press down to cook faster.

 – using the same grill pan or a second one cook your bread on both sides until lightly browned and charred.

 – rub your garlic on one side of your bread and drizzle some olive oil.

 – arrange your asparagus on the prepared bruschetta, sprinkle with the balsamic vinegar and garnish with shavings of Parmesan cheese.


  Buon Appetito!!

p.s. there is another great new Limerick food blog on the blogging scene, Sarah has always been a great Italian Foodies commenter and is a big foodie,  if her recipes so far are a taste of what’s to come, we are in for a real treat!! Check her out here!!

p.p.s – I’m trying to organise my sister’s hen party in Dublin in Feb and have no idea where to eat, I was thinking Eden or Venu, would love some suggestions if anybody has any ideas??? HELP MEEEEE!!!!