There is no recipe today, just a quick post to tell you about our pizza special!! Sarah recently asked me to do a little post on the specials in La Cucina so I’ve decided to do a regular post!! We are also changing our menu at the moment and have added a few new pizzas and taken off some of the less popular items. The food business always amazes me, the very minute we decide to take off something because it’s not selling everyone starts ordering it????

We’ve had to reduce the menu a little as there was just too much on it and this was putting pressure on the kitchen!! One of the main problems we are having at the moment is that everyone keeps changing the dishes, we could get an order for 3 boscaiola, 1 no mushroom, 1 no bacon and 1 normal, the problem here is this requires 3 different pans instead of 1 and we only have 4 gas rings so it slows the whole thing up!! It’s gotten to the stage where every order has a different requirement, I’m amazed by the amount of people who don’t like mushrooms or tomatoes! The thing is you can’t go into any of the franchises and change the dish but because we make everything fresh people like to mix and match e.g. adding peppers and mushrooms to Carbonara, adding chicken to spaghetti bolognese!! You can imagine how happy our Italian chef Alessandro is making all these changes to his authentic Italian dishes!! Originally when we opened first and were fairly quiet it was no problem but now with it being so busy it is becoming an issue but what can we do???? If we were to refuse there would be uproar and we have done it for so long now I don’t think we can turn back, we’re hoping by reducing the menu a little it might help even though I know there will be problems with that too and we”ll probably still have to do some of the items we have removed  so we’ll just have to wait and see!!

Back to the pizza special, I had it today myself and it is delicious, we have a really good Italian sausage in stock at the moment coming through a small Italian distributor based in Dublin, we are getting an excellent buffalo mozzarella from him too!! The special is:

 – Italian sausage
 – fresh rosemary
 – pancetta
 – parmesan
 – tomato sauce
 – mozzarella

and here’s 2 happy members of staff – Alessandro and Bruno:)


p.s. pizzas never hold their crisp base “takeaway” so I always put on my oven at home at the highest temperature and then pop it in for 5 mins when I bring the pizza home and it comes out perfect!!

p.p.s. – red blush oranges are in season at the mo and Superquinn have an Italian orange available in their Superior range which are really good!! They also have San Marzano tomatoes originating from Italy in stock too!! I should really be on commission:)