I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the blog awards this Saturday as my sister’s future “hubbie’s” stag is on in Dublin this Friday and Saturday and we have no baby sitter so I’m afraid the italian foodies will be absent:( I would love to have gone as it would be great to meet everybody and put faces to all the Irish food bloggers but I’ll just have to wait until next year!! I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck, the shortlist finalists haven’t been announced in the food blog category yet but best blog has been and Kieren is in there so I’ll be rooting for him – best of luck Kieren!!! I’ll be thinking of you all while watching Turbridy on Saturday night so have a few for me:)

The lovely people at Taste Italia magazine have started sending me a free copy of the magazine every month????? just out of the blue which was a nice surprise!!! They have a great section on what’s in season so I’m going to post about it every month because if you are anything like me I never have a clue as to what’s in season.

 – prezzemolo (flat leaf parsley) – this is one of the main ingredients in salsa verde.

 – pesce san pietro (john dory) – really nice served simply dipped in flour, cooked in butter and served with mangetouts.

 – cipolline  (spring onions) – I have to admit I love mashed potato with spring onions like my grandma used to make:)

 – sedano rapa (celeriac) – mmmmm celeriac puree in Locatelli’s!!

 – ostriche (oysters) – I’ve never had them but interesting recipe in the Silver Spoon with hard boiled eggs of all things??

 – carciofi (artichokes) – the MIL’s artichoke tart, mmmmmmm!!

I’m promoting Superquinn again (what’s new) but they have a great range of fish in at the moment because the weather has been so good, I was like a kid in a sweet shop the other day as they had fantastic tuna, squid, sole, swordfish, clams, I didn’t know what to buy so I bought some tuna and squid. I often make this tuna recipe as it is so simple and I love the flavours of the salsa verde with the tuna and of course the main thing is it’s quick and easy!!

what you need:

 – 2 fresh tuna steaks

 – flat leaf parsley ( I used 40g)

 – anchovies ( I used a small Italian jar which are absolutely delicious from SQ, you can use tinned if you can’t find a jar!!)

 – tbsp capers 

– 1 garlic clove 

 – 10 basil leaves

 – salt and black pepper

 – olive oil

 – red wine vinegar 

 – 1 lemon

what to do:

 – a lot of recipes use a pestle and mortar for salsa verde but I just finely chop everything, place it in a bowl and add the red wine vinegar and olive oil. You could also use a mini food processor for a smoother finish but I like mine “rough and ready”;)

 – heat up your grill pan, season your steaks with salt and pepper and pat with olive oil, cook on each side for about 2-4 mins,  I like my tuna rare.

 – serve your tuna with a squeeze of lemon juice on top and some salsa verde on the side or drizzled over your steaks. We had a simple rocket salad with cherry tomatoes dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side, btw the Italian plum and cherry tomatoes in SQ are really, really good at the moment!!


buon appetito!!