me me me me me me me me and oh me!!!! I have just picked up my little trophy from Maz at La Cucina so it finally feels real that I won. I have to say a big “grazie” to her as she guarded it with her life on the night and transported it safely on the train from Dublin to Limerick, pity the champagne didn’t travel as well;) I’m a bit disappointed that I missed the night as it sounds like they had a great time and if I thought that I had a chance of winning I would have tried to get someone to babysit or else just bribed the princess with a full bag of white buttons  to look after herself;), she still believes only half bags exist – long may it last!! I mentioned in my last post that Bru was at a stag and both grandmothers were out of babysitting action as the MIL works in the restaurant on Saturday nights as it is naturally the busiest and my own mother inconveniently decided to have an operation on her shoulder a few days before, the selfishness:) so I spent the weekend with her intending to give her some help around the house but I think we caused more havoc than anything else. It’s just as well I didn’t go because the princess got the vomiting bug which had been going in the creche so I spent my night cleaning up and comforting her but knowing I had won made it a little easier:)

Laura rang me to tell me the good news and at first I thought she was joking and didn’t believe her but then it sunk in and I did a little celebratory dance around the sitting room. Maz and Val then rang and did a bit of hysterical shouting down the phone, I think they were even more excited than me:) My younger sis ran over to the off license and bought a bottle of pink moet and we all had a little family celebration!!

I really can’t believe I won and am genuinely shocked but absolutely thrilled!! I didn’t think we had a chance as I thought,  because my blog is only about Italian food that not everyone would like it as it’s quite specialised and wouldn’t appeal to the majority but I’m delighted to have been proven wrong!! I often question whether I should be a bit more adventurous with my food as all I basically do is post about our dinners but that’s all I have time for with the princess and the shop but hey if it’s not broken don’t fix it:)!! I would just like to say a big thank you to the judges whoever you maybe – you can have free pizza in La Cucina for life;) and a big thank you to Damien who organised everything and made this night happen. Anyone who doesn’t blog may not realise the time and effort that goes into these blogs so it’s great to have just one night to celebrate this hard work and without Damien this wouldn’t happen so “grazie mille” Damien. And last but not least I have to thank all of you who read my blog everyday because I know it’s the obvious thing to say but without all of you blogs wouldn’t exist, I love getting your comments and feedback or even checking my stats to see how many have visited the site every week so please never underestimate how much your comments and feedback mean to us bloggers!! Ok, now pass me the Kleenex:)

just in case you think the award has gone to my head, there is so much more to learn:)


the princess is so proud of her mommy she won’t let it go;)


Thanks Everyone