I thought it time for a recipe after all this talk of Italy so something simple and very easy and in season on the cards today. I ventured into the market on Saturday and picked up lots of veg, cheese and duck eggs. I often make this recipe but normally with free-range eggs so I thought it perfect for my first experience as a duck egg virgin!! I’m plagiarising from Taste Italia again to bring you some of their seasonal selection but I’ll add in my own recipes just to give it the Italian foodie stamp!

lamb(agnello) – I’ve talked about lamb numerous times on this blog:

 – noisettes of lamb with rosemary and garlic

 – roast lamb with anchovies and herbs

 – rack of lamb with a mustard and rosemary crust

 – lamb chops with rosemary and garlic

carrots(carote) – tbh I rarely cook carrots on their own, I mainly use them in soups or the base for tomato sauce or bolognese.

new potatoes – roast potatoes feature quite regularly in the italian foodie house.
asparagus(asparagi) – another fave in our house even if it is from Peru and the likes most of the time:(

 – asparagus and parma ham

 – asparagus bruschetta

and today’s recipe:

                                 bruschetta con asparagi e uova in camicia

what to do:

 – bring a pot of water to the boil, add salt and cook your asparagus until tender.

 – heat a grill pan and toast your bread on both sides, pour a little olive oil on top when toasted.

 – bring another pot of water to simmering point, add some white wine vinegar, break an egg into a cappucino or small cup and pour into water gently. Leave to poach gently for about 2 minutes and lift out with a slotted spoon. You can drain on kitchen paper if you like, I was too hungry:)

 – arrange your asparagus on top of your bread, season, lay your egg on top and season again and serve with a little drizzle of live oil. Some crispy pancetta or shavings or parmesan cheese would be nice served on top too.

buon appetito!!


what you need for 2:

 – 4 slices of bruschetta bread or a sourdough bread or ciabatta

 – 4 duck eggs or free range eggs

 – 2 bunches asparagus

 – white wine vinegar

 – sea salt and black pepper


olive oil