I mentioned a while back that we were moving house but surprise surprise we’re still at our old abode!! Why? I hear you ask seen as we bought this standard semi – detached house off the plans nearly 2 years ago, we got the keys in December but what’s been the big delay – our kitchen from Italy!!! It’s times like these when the Italian culture drives me mad, we’ll get it when they are ready!! I wouldn’t mind but we are getting the bedroom and part of the sitting room too so it hasn’t been an option to move in without the kitchen. Anyway it arrives tonight, well the boxes arrive and the Italian fitter is going to return next week as he is very busy – HELLLOOOOOO???? I’m really excited though as we just picked it out of a brochure last September which we don’t have anymore so I can’t even remember what it looks like so it doubles the excitement – God knows what I’m going to get:) but we got our present kitchen and bedroom from him so I’m not too worried!! All I remember is there is a 5 ring gas hob, extra large oven, full fridge, full freezer etc etc – a foodie kitchen heaven!! I shall post a pic when it is ready to go, probably next Christmas at the rate things are going!

Bruno is over at the new house at the moment helping him unload the millions of boxes so I have a roast chicken dinner waiting for him when he returns – I know, I really am wonderful;) I’m always looking for new roast chicken recipes as I tend to stick to the garlic, lemon, rosemary combo so I was delighted to see recipes in both Delicious and Taste Italia this month!! This one from TI was absolutely delicious but you have to love onions as much as I do and it’s really simple which I love nearly as much as onions:)

what you need:

– 1 kg onions, peeled and sliced – I used red as I had no white and they were perfect.

 – 4 garlic cloves peeled

 – mustard ( I used good “ole” colemans)

 – chicken – I used organic from SQ

 – 5 tbsp chicken stock( I used 1 Kallo organic stock cube even though I know Sarah wouldn’t agree but one word “children”!!!!!:)

 – 125 ml white wine

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – olive oil

what to do:

 – pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees

 – place the garlic and onions in an oven dish, season and pour in some olive oil.

 – using your hands cover the outside of the chicken with mustard, don’t be afraid to use loads as you don’t taste it but it gives loads of flavour. I always do this with roast beef and lamb too!

 –  place your chicken on top of your onions , season and drizzle with olive oil and cook for 35 mins.

 – the recipe doesn’t include potatoes but I love one tray meals so I cooked some new potatoes cut into quarters in salted water until a little tender and then drained them and added to tray.

 – turn the chicken over, pour in the wine, add your potatoes and cook for another 25 mins!! I added my stock here too! Add more during cooking if onions are drying out!

 – turn the chicken again and cook for 10 mins until skin is golden and crispy and serve!!


buon appetito!!