Ok, I know it’s been pretty quiet around here but I do have an excuse, well I have 2 really!! The first being the new house and the kitchen, it’s really nice but of course nothing ever goes smoothly, the oven and freezer are wrong so they’re gone back to Italy to return in 2 weeks so there will be lots of cleaning and packing over the next couple of weeks!!

My second excuse is that we are opening a second business, it’s all happened really quickly, we went to see it on Tuesday and shook hands on it on Friday. The contracts haven’t been signed yet so I won’t give the details yet but will let you know as I soon as I can! It is a restaurant, a rather large one at that, I won’t sleep for the next year, that’s if I have a bed to sleep in after all the money it’s going to cost;) It’s really exciting even though not the best timing as we are under pressure to open by Sept 1st so we have to start on it straight away so once we’ve moved house I can focus on it!!

I know this is a food blog but I just wanted to know if you would want me to blog about the new place, a behind the scenes look at our “stressful” journey of opening a food business or do you prefer to come here for the recipes??? I will still post recipes but just wondered if this is something people are interested in because I know I love behind the scene “stuff”:) and we will be taking a couple of trips to Italy to buy all of our equipment and source some wine of course. I await your comments or emails!!

What recipes I do post in the coming future will be of the simple kind because time is going to be an issue in the coming months so fast, tasty and simple food is on the menu!! This is really a non recipe as there is really nothing to it but sometimes those are the best!! The key to this is to buy the best meat you can, I got my t-bones from my local butcher Jim Flavin, he cut them fresh for me and they were huge, we could only cook 1 at a time.

what you need:

 – 2 t-bone steaks

 – 3 sprigs rosemary

 – 2 garlic cloves sliced

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – olive oil


what to do

 – season your steaks, mix your garlic, rosemary and olive oil in a bowl and pour over your steaks and leave to marinate for an hour or more if you can. If you can leave overnight you will have even more flavour but I’m never that organised so mine only got about 40 mins but schhhhh don’t tell anyone:), they still tasted good!! This recipe is all about the flavour of the meat!!

 – heat your grill pan until really hot and cook your steaks for 5-10 mins until golden brown and char-grilled on both sides!! We eat our t-bones medium rare and other steaks rare so cook according to personal taste!!

 – I know you are supposed to let meat rest for about 10 mins before eating but that never happens in our house as we are always too hungry but if you are not of the savage variety –  leave meat to rest!!

 – we served ours with a simple tomato and red onion salad!!


buon appetito!!

p.s. As time goes on it is getting harder to maintain this blog with the princess, she’s even interfering with my photos now:


I eventually had to sit her up on the counter and play with the kitchen roll holder while I held her with one hand and took the photo with the other!! Oh the glamorous life of a food blogger:)