Alessandro has been in Italy for the last month so has only seen the new place through email and excited descriptions from us, so he flew back yesterday!! We decided he should fly into Dublin and we’d pick him up and stay up for the night and do a little bit of “food and wine” research – oh life is good:) There were a couple of new places that I wanted to try like Carluccio’s and the Cornerhouse Grill so we made a day and night of it!! We decided to stay in the Trinity Capital Hotel which just had a complete refurbishment last year and I have to say I highly recommend it. It’s so cheap compared to other city centre hotels, is in a great location and I love the new decor so it’s my new place of sleep when in Dublin.

As usual we tried to pack as much food and drink in as one’s body can physically handle, Carluccio’s was first on the list but only for a sandwich as we were going for steaks so we only wanted something small for lunch. I’v eaten in Carlcuccio’s in London lots of times and I really like it!! Ok, so it’s not Italian food like “mama would make” but it is a chain at the end of the day and the quality is very good for a chain. The Dublin outlet is pretty impressive I think, very modern, fresh and absolutely spotless, everything shines. The presentation in the deli is excellent as you can see from the picture above and I wanted to buy everything but we just settled on 3 very good panini. I think it will do very well but if you’re looking for more traditional Italian food I suggest Dunne & Crescenzi around the corner, they even use tazza d’oro coffee which anyone who has been to Rome would have heard of, it’s the most famous spot for coffee in Rome!!


I’ve spoke of Fallon & Byrne in my last post on Dublin so this time we went down to the wine cellar and had a couple of glasses of vino and some oysters as an “aperitivo” which were delicious and the boys loved!!


Dinner was booked in the Cornerhouse Grill at 9pm and I was interested to see what it would be like as it has had some pretty bad reviews recently. We started with the spicy chicken wings, lamb skewers and the roast beef salad.

For mains we had 3 rib-eye’s, chips and a side of broccoli


I wish I could tell you it was a great meal as I love the concept and think we badly need this kind of dining option but it really wasn’t up to standard and is pretty expensive. We all agreed the quality of the steak was really good with lots of flavour but that’s where it stopped!! The service was good with really friendly waiting staff but other than that it was a big disappointment. We tried to get in there the last time we were in Dublin on a Tuesday night but it was packed but last night it was fairly quiet which is such a shame as it has everything going for it but at the end of the day no matter how nice the place is, it’s all about the food!! 


There’s lots of discussion lately about the best steak so my question to you today is what’s your favourite???

 – fillet
 – sirloin
 – ribeye
 – striploin
 – t-bone

I’m loving ribeye at the moment, would love to hear your favourite, it’s a little bit of market research for the new place!!