bruschetta ai funghi!!!


How nice has this weather been and it’s coming back on Sunday – yahoooo!! It’s been a pretty hectic week here, we are finally moving in to our new house next week so it’s all about the final touches now, going accessory shopping the weekend, Bru is very excited as you can imagine – cushions and candles are his favourites;) I will probably have to watch extra football as punishment:)

The new place is also keeping us busy, how nice to be moving house and opening a new business and running the old business at the same time, I’d recommend it to anyone, no stress involved at all – I DON’T THINK SO!!:) I think there is so much going on that I actually am not getting stressed at all but then me and Bru are pretty laid back, probably a bit too much sometimes but it helps in times like this!! I hate this stage of the new business as it’s all the legal and engineering stuff which I’m a bit allergic to, I prefer the nicer stage of doing the menu, design, PR, sourcing wine etc etc but it has to be done! We met with the engineer last week and one thing I’m really bad at is reading a plan so I was so confused by the end!! The thing is they think you understand all the architect and engineering jargon so I had to tell him to stop him at one stage and explain what the hell ME was as he kept saying it, for anyone who doesn’t know it’s Mechanical Engineering. He thought it was funny so I asked him what were the ingredients of pesto????? he got the message:) They are doing the plans for the layout of the kitchen, toilets etc and the main specs for the fire cert!! When opening a new restaurant the Fire Cert is the most important part in the initial stages and it takes 2 months so the pressure is on!!

We also met with the solicitor yesterday for the initial reading of the contracts so that’s all been sorted out next week, once that’s through I’ll start posting some pics so you can get an idea of the place. We also met an Interior Architect yesterday as we are going to need some help with the design as it is such a big space, we will bring all the furniture and bar from Italy but we need someone to put it altogether and make it look good and not something we threw together ourselves!!

With the busy week we’ve had and the lovely weather there hasn’t been a huge amount of cooking but we had this bruschetta the other day as I got some lovely bread at the french market and really good sliced gourmet mushrooms in Superquinn.


what you need:

 – 400g mushrooms – sliced

 – 250g sliced gourmet mushrooms(optional)

 – crusty bread

 – 2 tbsp flat leaf parsley finely chopped

 – juice of half lemon(optional)

 – 2 garlic cloves finely chopped

 – half white onion finely chopped(optional)

 – olive oil

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – 50g unsalted butter (about 2 tbsp)

what to do:

 – toast your bread under the grill on both sides.

 – melt your butter over a low heat, add the onions and garlic and cook for a few minutes until softened. Add your mushrooms and cook for about 10 mins. If you like cream you can add some here if you like but I’m watching the hips;)

 – add your lemon juice and parsley and season well. 
 – serve the mushroom mix on your toasted bread and dine “al fresco” with a glass of “vino bianco”!!!


You can vary this recipe by adding some pancetta, parma ham or a poached egg on top!!

buon appetito!!!