Firstly apologies to all my international readers who come here for recipes and foodie chat as this blog will be taken over by rugby talk for the next few days, It’s not that I’m a big rugby fan in general but I am one of the members of Munster’s 16th man – the hardcore contingent may call it a fake rugby supporter but who cares we feed the majority of them so I maintain their good Italian diet is partly responsible for their success:) This time I even made the effort and bought the jersey even if it was last minute yesterday morning.

We obviously didn’t make it to Cardiff so we watched it on the screen in the city centre and being the lucky people that we are it was outside the family restaurant La Piccola Italia right beside the VIP area with a bird’s eye view. The gardai were getting a bit suspicious as the 20th staff member turned up at the barriers for work.


There was no beer  in the Piccola so we cracked open a few bottles of the “good stuff” before the match – Stefano the “bil” was barman and then “alfredo the hero” saved the day at half time some beer

In case you think all we did was drink we did actually watch the match and Alfie did a bit of self promotion

All the staff in the restaurant wore t-shirts too

The atmosphere was amazing and the crowd really did the team proud, they estimate that there was over 20,000 people all singing and cheering in unison, it would make one a bit emotional and very proud to be living in Limerick!!


I just wanted to say a big congratulations to the lads as I know some of them read my little blog including “il capitano”, Mr O’C himself!!! It was fantastic winning the first time but winning it a second time is that extra bit special!!

p.s. the “munster wraps” are on me lads;)