Once again luck was on our side as the stage was right beside the restaurant so we all headed off to work again;) The security was a lot stricter this time compared to 2 years ago but I got in front for a few pics though, I have loads from the last homecoming too which I must dig out!!




I tried to catch the lads attention so I could take some pics for the blog so I kept telling all the young lads beside me to shout their names so I didn’t look like a right groupie but they wouldn’t turn around. Eventually Paul did and gave me a bit thumbs up and the stupid camera didn’t work – typical!!!

Eventually I caught Alan’s attention and he very kindly posed for me, I will have to make sure his bolognese is extra special this week!!


A huge crowd turned up again to show their support


Until next year!!! FORZA MUNSTER!!

p.s. check out bock’s brilliant pictures “live” from Cardiff and squid’s video of the homecoming!