I have spoken briefly about the princess’s entry into the awkward food stage, she has become so fussy I can’t believe it, she refuses to eat vegetables referring to them all as “cacka”, she is so independently minded at 18 months, I thought this didn’t happen until she was 18 years:) The only things she will eat is “pita”, “pata” and “stik”, fillet steak is her new love. We went to Gallagher’s in Bunratty for dinner the other evening and the only baby options they had were the baby bowl(mash & veg) or fresh fish goujons, I ordered both in the hope she would eat something. She didn’t touch the baby bowl of mash and carrot but devoured the fish goujons and then promptly ordered “drawbies” a.k.a. strawberries (the only fruit she will eat) from the waitress who very kindly provided her with a big bowl of fresh juicy strawberries with chocolate ice-cream.
I have to say we had a really nice meal in Gallaghers, they have a lovely outside area where you can dine “al fresco” and a garden full of roses, well, it was full until the princess arrived but the staff were very nice about it, they were so friendly and professional. The food was excellent, I had the fresh mussels to start and then the hake with lobster sauce for main which was delicious but Bruno picked the best as usual, he chose fresh oysters with a glass of Guinness to start and then the full sea bass for main course which was outstanding, it was so fresh and very simply cooked so the flavour was amazing.

Due to the success of the fish goujons I decided to try her with some chicken goujons served with Parmesan mash and she absolutely loved it. I’m not a big lover of chicken breast, I find it quite dry so I made some sun-dried tomato mayo to dip them in and it was really delicious. 


what you need for 2 adults and 1 fussy toddler

 – 4 chicken breasts, I used organic free range.

 – breadcrumbs, I used the pre-made bag from Superquinn. You can make your own with left-over bread but I’m too lazy:)

 – 2 beaten eggs

 – 2 sprigs rosemary, picked and finely chopped

 – 100g grated parmesan

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – olive oil

 – sun-dried tomato tapenade, Superquinn stock a fresh version or you can make your own. I’ll post the recipe later.

 – mayo, I use a really good brand called Stokes which uses free range eggs etc etc ……… Hellman’s is fine too though!


what to do:

 – cut your chicken breasts into goujons and season with salt and pepper

 – fill a frying pan with lots of oil and heat

 – mix your breadcrumbs, Parmesan and rosemary together and season.

 – dip your chicken pieces into the egg and then the breadcrumbs and cook until golden brown, drain on kitchen paper.

 – mix your tapenade with your mayo, you could use pesto if you prefer.

 – serve, dip and enjoy!!!


buon appetito!!

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