I always thought growing up that no mash potato recipe could ever beat my grandmother’s “pandy”, as they call it in Kerry. She always made the best mash and even though my mother copied the recipe to the letter it was never the same. The difference was she used fresh potatoes and spring onions from the garden, loads of kerrygold, salt, pepper and milk – absolutely delicious. I’ve always made my mash this way until I met the “italian” and the “mil” and sorry grandma I’ve found a better recipe:)

On the subject of food memories here are a few of mine

 – Irish stew – YUK, YUK, YUK! I can’t stand it, we ate it so much as children, I haven’t eaten a parsnip since.

 – stewed apple sandwiches for school, yes they did go in the bin along with the banana sandwiches.

 – hot scones and home-made bread fresh from the range on a Sunday night while watching the most gripping drama on t.v. “GLENROE”!

 – eating hot sausages wrapped in tissue on the way to school to keep us warm.

 – fry-ups, this was a major staple in our house and still is to this day even though denny sausages were a lot better back then.

 – bacon and cabbage, this is still one of my favourite Irish dishes and my parents always cook it for us when we go  home.

 – Soda stream, ki-ora, TK lemonade, cherry cola, ritz in a can;)

 – 10p bars – highland toffee, wham, desperate dan, macaroon, kalipso, chomp. I lost a tooth to a highland toffee bar.

 – frosties, pear drops, milk teeth, flying saucers, apple drops, black jacks, fruit salads, apple jacks, gob stoppers.

 – catch bars “catch em if you can” – it was scary how much I loved these.

 – salads on a hot day which always consisted of:
                sliced tomato
                cooked ham
                iceberg lettuce
                sliced cheese
                miracle whip or salad cream

 – the day that cuisine de france baguettes came to our local shop, it was the start of a new life:)

 – king crisps, tayto sour cream & onion, cheezles, johnny onion rings(not the same today)

 – fat frogs, JR’s, mr freeze, chunky choc, freaky feet.

 – the day we got a toasted sandwich maker, I died and went to heaven.


I use this recipe for shepherd’s pie so I always make a big batch and normally have it with steak that night and make the shepherd’s pie the next day and freeze it, this recipe is just for 2. 

what you need:

 – 4/5 potatoes

 – 25g butter

 – 1 egg yolk

 – 4 tbsp milk

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – olive oil

 – loads of grated parmesan

 – chives or spring onions(optional)

what to do:

 – peel and wash your potatoes, put in a pot of cold water, add salt and bring to the boil and cook until soft. 

 – drain and return to the pot.

 – add your milk, butter, parmesan, egg yolk, a drizzle of olive oil, season and mash.

 – serve with some grated parmesan on top, chopped chives and a knob of butter.



buon appetito!

p.s. what are your food memories??

p.p.s I have to say a big congrats to Tony who has just become the new Munster manager, congrats Tony and Libby:)