No, you’re not seeing things, I am doing a post on scrambled eggs. If you’ve come here today for “gourmet cuisine” not that I do gourmet much but today is as simple as you get. I LOVE scrambled eggs, they are so easy,versatile and a little bit healthy depending on what ingredients you are using. Bruno usually works on Saturday so myself and the princess often have a lazy lunch of scrambled egg on toast as we always go to the Piccola for dinner so something fast and light is all we want. I tend to stick to the same recipe all the time but after a quick google search there are so many different variations that I want to try so I’m afraid you’re going to be stuck with me and my scrambled egg recipes for a few weekends – sorry:)

First up is scrambled egg with Parmesan, simple, tasty and so quick to make. There seems to be a science to making scrambled eggs and I’m no expert so I’ll just let you know how I make mine and then I’d love to hear how you make yours and what do you add?? Maybe I’ll start a scramble egg blogging event – ok, I’m getting carried away, maybe not:)


what you need for 2:

 – 6 eggs ( free-range if you can)

 – 1 tsp milk for every egg

 – grated Parmesan cheese, I never measure but i use a good handful.

 – salt and pepper

 – knob of butter

 – Italian bread or country style bread

 – olive oil

what to do: – in a bowl mix your eggs, milk, Parmesan with a fork and season.


 – heat a grill pan and cook your bread on both sides until nicely golden and charred.

 – add your knob of butter to a non-stick frying pan, let it melt and add your egg mixture. Using a spatula keep moving the mixture around the pan swiftly, scraping it from the sides and the base.

 – remove the mixture from the heat while still “gloopy” as it continues to cook and I like mine light and fluffy and not overcooked. I do cook them a little bit more for the princess as you can see from the photos.

 –  serve your eggs on your toast and top with shavings of Parmesan cheese and some flat leaf parsley if you’re out to impress, if not just pile it on your toast and eat!!


I have a little confession to make, I LOVE ketchup with my scrambled eggs, please don’t hate me food purists:) Stokes ketchup made with sweet Italian tomatoes is my favourite at the moment.


buon appetito!!