We’re off to Genova on Thursday and the weather isn’t looking too good at the moment, they’re having pretty bad weather up the north – it’s probably because we’re coming;), The forecast for Thursday when we arrive is really bad thunder storms and Genova airport is bad enough for landings as it is, so I’m really looking forward to that. As you may have noticed there hasn’t been much cooking going on around here with everything that’s going on but I did manage to make this simple tart on Saturday which is so quick and easy and probably takes the same time as making a toasted sandwich. My 2 new finds this week were individual puff pastry rounds, why did nobody tell me about these???, they are soooo handy and Superquin are now stocking sliced pancetta. It’s not the best I’ve ever had but at least they have it in stock, I know this might be hard to imagine but it was impossible to buy sliced pancetta in Limerick up until now. 


what you need, I’m not going to give measurements as it is so simple so I’ll leave it up to you:

– puff pastry

– cherry tomatoes

– goat’s cheese

– thyme

– pancetta(optional, it’s lovely without too)

– pesto or tapenade (optional)

 – beaten egg or milk

 – sea salt and black pepper

– olive oil


what to do:

 – pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees.

 – prick the base of your pastry with a fork and layer your sliced goat’s cheese on top making sure to leave space at the edges.

 – arrange your tomatoes on top, season and sprinkle with thyme. Egg wash the edges of your pastry.

 – cook for 20 mins until the pastry is risen, crisp and golden brown.

 – heat a frying pan and cook your pancetta for a couple of mins until crisp and serve on top of your tart.

 – sprinkle some goats cheese on top, drizzle with a little olive oil and serve with a simple rocket salad.



buon appetito!!

p.s. see you soon and try not to miss me too much:)