The first week of our holiday was spent in Deva Marina which is a small little beach town about 30 mins from Genova, Bru’s Zio Bruno and Zia Maura have lived there for years in a fabulous house up in the hills with the most amazing view. Their house was full up so we stayed in a small hotel near the beach and then went up there to eat every evening out on the terrace. I’ve spoken about Bru’s uncle before, he was a world champion boxer and there was a book released about him while we were there which was pretty exciting.

Zia Maura is a great cook and her favourite words are “mangia, mangia, she will not rest until you have eaten until you can eat no more. There was lots of steak and Italian sausages done on the outside grill:


some rabbit or stuffed veg anyone?


Bru’s uncle loves his wine so we had lots of really good local wine, he also grows his own vegetables so the salad was fresh from the garden every evening.


Strawberries is the only fruit the princess will eat at the moment so she was in strawberry heaven as they have loads in their garden. 


I don’t think there is any left 


I love that their house is only 5 mins drive from the beach


but then this is the view from the terrace: