Monday is market day in Atina and the centre of the village is taken over by stalls selling everything from clothes, shoes, cooking utensils and lots and lots of fabulous fruit and veg. It’s always a bit crazy as the roads can’t handle the traffic and there is always a traffic jam right outside our apartment, the road is so narrow, something always happens so there is lots of horn blowing and Italian profanities which is great to watch – “stress Italian style”. There was so much to photograph so this is just a little snapshot!

I love this collection of mokas;


Since getting my garden done I have become a “flower freak”, for any of you who don’t know me personally this would be totally out of character for me. I even have window boxes!! I drove Bruno mad commenting on the colours of flowers etc everywhere we went, I think he’s ready to trade me in:) The flowers at the market were so vibrant and colourful and I loved this stall selling every type of lettuce possible


The selection of vegetables and fruit is always amazing in Italy as there is so much more variety than you find here and take a look at the prices!


there was lots of beans including borlotti which I’ve never found here;


we had the sweetest tomato sauce made from these tomatoes:


peaches, pears, peppers – OH MY!!


courgette flowers which are up there in my top 5, love them deep fried 


olives anyone?


and here’s the road outside the apartment with Bru carrying home all of our purchases



p.s. taking photos of the local market isn’t the easiest thing to do in a small village, I got a lot of very suspicious looks except at the Italian cold meats van which I will do a seperate post on as they were so nice.