I’ve mentioned that the princess has gone on strike with fruit and veg so the only way to get any into her is by going back to liquidizing, she loves her “pastina” with an aubergine, courgette and tomato sauce. I’m only making enough for her so I’m left with half an aubergine and courgette in the fridge every week so I’m trying to find new ways to use them for myself. I used the aubergine for a grilled chicken, grilled aubergine, caramelized onions and goat’s cheese ciabatta the other day so yesterday I still had my “fabulous” pastry rounds in the freezer from the last time so a puff pastry tart with bits of cheese that were also leftover made for a delicious tart for lunch.


what you need:

 – puff pastry

 – courgette thinly sliced

 – parmesan cheese grated

 – baby mozzarella balls or mozzarella

 – beaten egg or milk

 – pancetta(optional), I had a bit leftover in the fridge.


what to do:

 – pre-heat you oven to 190 degrees

 – heat a grill pan and cook your courgettes on both sides to give them golden chargrilled lines.

 – prick the base of your tart with a fork and egg wash the edge of your pastry and cook for about 10 mins until slightly golden.

 – take out of the oven and top with your mozzarella, courgette, pancetta and parmesan, season and cook for a further 10 mins until golden brown.