When we arrived in Genova this summer we hired a car to drive to Deva as it is only about 45 mins from the airport, Bru’s cousin normally picks us up but he was working so we decided it was as easy to drive ourselves. We barely fitted into the car with all the luggage we had, our scales didn’t work properly so between me, Bru and Alessia we had a total weight of 78kg plus the MIL, I know, an absolutely ridiculous amount for 2 weeks and we flew Ryanair to London and then onto Genova the next day, having a father that works in the airport comes in handy sometimes;)

Anyway, we took the motorway to Deva and went to the wrong pay station at the toll, we took the Telepass instead of the cash. Now, I should point out at this stage that I did offer to sit in the passenger seat as I’m fairly good at directions etc but no I was put in the back because of my lack of Italian and the “MIL” took pride of place in the front with Bru, me bitter – NEVER!. So between the 2 of them they managed to go to the wrong toll, we didn’t know what to do as we didn’t have the telepass and Italians don’t do sitting in their cars waiting for the stupid tourists in front to figure out what they’re doing so there was a lot of horn blowing and a very panicked “MIL” in the front. I sat very quietly and smugly in the back with a kind of told you so attitude, yes I know very childish but I wanted to sit in the front, “nobody puts baby in a corner”:) .

In the end the MIL had to jump out and press the help button and they reluctantly let us through the barrier, now being Irish we just assumed everything would be fine and we would just pay at the exit and didn’t bother listening to the MIL that we had to go back and get a ticket. She rang her brother and it transpired of course(this woman is always right goddammit) we should have went back for the ticket and we wouldn’t be able to get off the motorway at Deva so we had to take a detour to another town and collect a ticket, a €50 fine and a right telling off from a very grumpy Italian. I don’t know which was worse  – the fine or listening to the MIL for the rest of the journey;)


What has all this got to do with Portofino I hear you ask? The only place to pay the fine was Rapallo so we decided to make a day of it and visit Portofino as we have never been before and it’s not that far from Rapallo. It ended up that we didn’t have to pay the fine after all that as the guy at the “fine office” was really nice and couldn’t believe the other guy had given us the fine etc etc so it was all a big load of nonsense really but really the moral of the story is ALWAYS let me sit in the front 🙂


The drive to Portofino was beautiful, I loved Santa Margarita and hope to go there for a few days next year. Portofino itself was so quaint and picturesque, we had lunch of linguine with clams in a small little restaurant on the main street and went for a gelato and a “passegiata” down by the port afterwards celebrity spotting but saw nobody we knew:(


There were lots of fabulous boats coming in to deck, a bit of a crowd gathered for this one as there was a rumour that it was some big Italian footballer, we all waited for about 2o mins while they disembarked and then some random guy came out, everybody sighed and went on their merry way.