I’ve gone a bit soup mad the last 2 weeks, I made 3 new soups and loved them all. First up was this roast pepper soup followed by a spinach and chickpea soup and finished off with a roast aubergine soup tonight. I picked up some sweet peppers in Dunnes and Superquinn not knowing what I was going to do with them so I just threw them into the oven with some basil, red onion and garlic and hey presto!!!


what you need for 2 people:

 – pepper chopped into large chunks – I used 3 large sweet red peppers from SQ and a 4 pack of small sweet peppers from Dunnes.

 – 250g cherry or plum tomatoes cut in half.

 – 2 garlic cloves peeled

 – 1/2 red onion chopped into large chunks

 – basil

 – 500ml chicken or veg stock. I use Kallo stock cubes(gasp)

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – olive oil


what to do:

 – heat your oven to 180 degrees

 – put all our veg into an oven tray, season and pour in some olive oil and cook for about 30-45 mins. Don’t add the basil until 5 mins towards the end.

 – add your stock, season and blend using a hand blender.

 – serve with some parmesan cheese and grilled ciabatta.

I gave it to the princess with some soup pasta and she declared it to “be nice and like it mammy” which is a first:) She is so anti veg at the moment, it’s not funny!! It amazes me how much she loves junk when she  never even got a piece of chocolate until 14 months but would now happily live on “ips”(chips), “bottons”, “ice-ceam” and “inup”(7up). Grandparents have a lot to answer for these days me thinks!!!!! When we were younger we were lucky to get a packet of eclairs or a dairymilk between 4 of us once a month but the other day when she went to the shop she came back with a bag of buttons and a bag of jelly tots, she’s not even 2 yet!! I couldn’t even eat 2 bags of sweets, needless to say I took one bag and a tantrum ensued but it’s gotta be done. In the meantime I will keep making soups and hiding veg and fruit to make sure she eats ok when she’s not with the GP’S!!!


buon appetito