I’m in a really good mood today as the sun is shining, we’re just back from Killaloe where we had lunch and brought the princess to feed the ducks. This week the builder has also come back with a rough price for changing La Cucina around and putting in seating for 26 people and surprise, surprise it’s actually affordable – I LOVE THE RECESSION:)! We just have to sort out a few things with the landlord and the bank of course and then it’s all systems go, I can’t wait as we have wanted to do this for ages but couldn’t as everything was too expensive in relation to building work but with the downturn it is now possible. 

My sister also had her baby this morning by c-section as he was completely breached and everything went perfect, he was 8lb 1 oz, big babies run in this family, it must be our love of pasta:) I’m so relieved as she had a really rough pregnancy and they didn’t think she would make it at 21 weeks, she threatened miscarriage about 3 times so he is a little angel in disguise. They are both doing great and I hope to get over to see them both next week as they live in Canterbury.

I love pasta dishes without an actual sauce and I’ve mentioned before that one of my favourite pastas is spaghetti alio olio which is one of the most simple pastas you can make. This one is quite similar and just as easy and as tasty, I think the difference without the sauce is that you can taste the actual ingredients. I find this recipe great for using leftover courgette and garlic, you could also replace it with spinach for a change.


what you need for 2:

 – 1 large courgette

 – 1 garlic clove

 – olive oil

 – 1 tbsp dried chilli flakes

 – 350g pasta – I use orecchiette but you could also use linguine, fettucine, tagliatelle.

 – sea salt and black pepper

 – grated Parmesan

what to do:

 – bring a pot of water to the boil, add salt and your pasta and cook until al dente.

 – grate your courgettes with a cheese grater and chop your garlic.

 – fill the base of your frying pan with olive oil, heat and add your garlic and chilli and cook for a couple of minutes until golden but not too brown.

 – add your courgettes and cook until soft, make sure you stir them constantly.

 – season with salt and pepper, drain your pasta reserving some of the water.

 – add your drained pasta and Parmesan to your pan with courgettes, toss well and add water as needed.

 – serve with Parmesan cheese on top.


buon appetito!!