I don’t normally do tags but seen as I’ve moved blog home and have been tagged by the lovely George I said why not. I basically have to tell you 7 things you don’t know about me!

1. I can’t swim!! I can paddle around but am terrified of the deep end, Bru thinks it’s hilarious especially when we go on holidays. I get all dramatic and lose my breath etc if I go in too far, it’s not a pretty site so I tend to stay in the shallow end.

2. I can’t swallow tablets, give me spiders, mice anything but give me a panadol in tablet form and I become the biggest wuss ever. I do try though, I will put the tablet on my tongue, drink a pint of water and the tablet will still be in the same place. When I had the princess it was a nightmare as I had to take oral anti-biotics when they took me off the drip and I had to ask for 2 spoons to crush them. I also had to take iron so I had to break the capsule and put it into petit filous, the nurses loved me:) I don’t apologise for it though as it’s a bit of a phobia at this stage and the only one I have so what can I do?

3. I have a degree in Business and Marketing which I’ve hardly used since college but I did enjoy all the drinking and nights out involved in acquiring it.

4. I don’t really like flying, this one is pretty strange as I’ve been flying since I was really young as my father worked in Shannon Airport so we had free flights all through our childhood. We used to fly to Dublin and London for the day just to go shopping or go to the All Ireland, this was way before Ryanair when nobody flew. I used to love it until 9/11 and hate it since.

5. My alcohol drinks of choice are wine, Peroni beer and gin & tonic(tangueray or bombay).

6. My favourite junk food is definitely doritos covered in salsa and grated cheddar and popped in the microwave. I love tangle twisters too:)

7. Myself and Bruno met at 18 when we were in college and have been together for 15 years and still aren’t married – gasp. I just have no interest in the big white wedding but maybe we might elope to Italy someday.

p.s. I want to retire and live in a little lane way in Italy like the photo above, if there is a beach near by – good times:)

I have to tag 7 more so it’s up to them if they want to do it:)

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