I mentioned a while back that I was looking for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, thanks for all your replies – hmm hmm!! I have found a few recipes since and first up is Rachel Allen’s recipe from Bake. Now I have to admit that Rachel and her “Oirish” accent drive me a little nuts and I wouldn’t be her biggest fan but I do see why people like her. She keeps cooking really simple and has great recipes for the family which are easy to follow. I have to admit to liking her new programme Bake as I’m a novice baker and there a few things I’d like to try, like her orange cake , chocolate and vanilla marble cake and lemon tart. I like the segment where she visits local bakeries and speciality shops all based in the UK mind you but I love seeing behind the scenes and cupcakes seem to feature a lot.

She made these cookies in the 2nd episode in the cookery class and they looked too simple, I decided to make them myself and I’m happy to report they are the most simple cookies ever. If you have never baked before but would love to try this is the recipe for you. I’m even making them in La Cucina now and they are selling very well. They’re not the chewy kind of cookie, more like a biscuit I would say, really buttery like shortbread but absolutely delicious.


what you need:

 – 225g unsalted butter at room temperature

 – 110g Castor sugar

 – 275g plain flour

 – 140g chocolate roughly chopped, I use the Madagaskar chocolate from Lidl.

what to do:

pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees.

cream the butter in a bowl with a wooden spoon until soft and creamy:


add the sugar and beat together:


add the chocolate chips and mix together:


sieve in the flour:


mix together until it forms a dough, don’t be afraid to use your hands, don’t worry if it seems a bit crumbly at first, it will come together:


using your hands roll the dough into balls and place slightly apart on a baking tray, flatten slightly with your hand. The recipe says you will get 35 – hahahahahahahaha, not a hope, I got 9!! You would get 12 max!


bake for about 15 mins until golden:


They will be soft when you take them out but don’t worry they will harden up once cooled. Transfer to a cooling rack and then EAT!


I made chocolate fudge cookies the other day but they didn’t turn out right, so I’m going to try them again. I’m also going to try a choc chip cookie recipe with eggs to see what the difference is, I’m presuming they make them chewy?