I’m still here but haven’t cooked in over a week so no recipes this week I’m afraid, I even had a crisp sandwich last night for dinner, don’t tell the” foodie police”.  I haven’t had one for ages but there is just something so good about fresh white bread,  butter, cheese and onion crisps for me and salt and vinegar for Bru – mmmmmm! We’ve been working loads, and headed up to the big smoke last weekend for a bit of shopping and indulging(what’s new) so the kitchen has been abandoned! I haven’t even started Santa shopping, I know, I know, bad mama, Smyths is open until 11pm this week ,thank god so I should be sorted by next week. I did the big Superquinn shop tonight,  they even packed my bags for me on request my trolley was so full, you gotta love the recession:) so the fridge is stocked up and I’m ready for action.

talk soon