I’m baaaack! My little blog holiday is over, the shopping is done, the fridge is stocked, the oven is cleaned and ready to go so lots of cooking in the italian foodie kitchen again. I have to admit the main benefit I get from this blog is that it makes me cook, it makes me try something new every week, if I didn’t blog I would probably stick to the old reliables and I definitley wouldn’t have improved my cooking skills to the extent I have without my little blog so for that I am very grateful. Bru is even more grateful as his Italian belly is always full and he always has complete control over the T.V as I’m always on the computer:)

I’ve done carbonara before but I’ve decided to revamp it with a few step by step photos as a lot of people have told me they always struggle with the addition of the egg, it tends to scramble on them so hopefully this post might help. Carbonara is one of my favourite pastas but boy is it the most abused pasta dish. It consists of the basic ingredients of guanciale or pancetta which is more commonly available here, parmesan or pecorino, egg yolks and the key ingredient “black pepper” which is where the name comes from “carbon”. There is no chicken, mushrooms, peppers, peas, that is it, I never understand why in Ireland we feel the need to change everything. The things we get asked for in La Cucina just amazes me sometimes, I wonder do people do the same when they go to the Chinese or Indian.

Traditionally cream is not used but I know it is definitely preferred here so we do use cream in the shop, we have a few customers who have it the Italian way but the majority have it with cream and chicken and mushrooms and ……..!

what you need for 2:

2 egg yolks

350g pasta – spaghetti, penne, linguine

grated parmesan cheese – about 80/100g

150g – 200g  pancetta

salt and black pepper

olive oil

splash of white wine

double cream(optional) – DON’T DO IT!!!

what to do:

bring a pot of water to the boil, add salt and your pasta and cook until al dente. Make sure you stir your pasta to prevent it sticking:














heat a little oil in a frying pan and add your bacon:














when your bacon is cooked add a splash of white wine and some of the pasta water, if you really want to add cream add it here and cook for a few minutes until thickened:














drain your cooked pasta and keep some of the water, take your pan off the heat and add your pasta and add your black pepper:














add your parmesan and egg yolks:














ok so this is the important part, you don’t need to put the pan back on the cooker, the heat of the pasta is sufficient, just stir in the eggs with a fork or spatula as fast as you can until the egg coats the pasta, if you find it too dry just add a little more of the pasta water:














serve with lots of parmesan on top:

















buon appetito!