You’ve heard me mention my parmesan mash many times on this blog, about how great it is, best mash ever bla bla bla….. well I think I might have just found one that might be just as good if not better. I served it with my Italian stew and oh my lord was it good!! I had seen the recipe in the Silver Spoon a while back but it called for the use of a potato ricer so that put me off straight away. I don’t know why, but we just “don’t do” potato ricers here in Ireland, we prefer the old reliable masher. I know I always percieve it as extra work so normally shy away from it but I have seen the light my friends and will never go back. The thing is I bought one in Tk Maxx last year for €10 and it has been lying at the bottom of the drawer since, I couldn’t even get the price tag off it had been there so long!


So what’s so great about this potato ricer I hear you ask? OK, so you know when you order mash in a restaurant and it’s so light, smooth, soft, creamy, lump free and you say to yourself “why can’t I get my mash like that?”, well now you have the answer. It is a combination of the potato ricer and then passing the potato through a sieve  at the end which I didn’t do because I again considered it to be too much work  so next time I’ll do this and it really will be the ultimate mash – change takes time and baby steps:)

what you need for nearly perfect mashed potato:

675g  potatoes

50g butter softened

100ml milk

100g mascarpone cheese

120ml single cream

6 fresh chives chopped

salt and pepper

 what to do:

peel and chop your potatoes and place in a pot of salted cold water, bring to the boil, cook until tender and drain:














pass your potatoes through a potato ricer into a bowl:














beat your cream and mascarpone together, heat the milk to just below simmering point and add to your potatoes:














add the mascarpone mix and butter to your potatoes:














mix well, season with salt and pepper, press the mixture through a sieve if you really want to impress( the princess wasn’t fussed), sprinkle with the chives and serve:

















buon appetito!