I’m sick as a dog with tonsillitis, the princess got it in the creche and then I got it of course! I haven’t had it in years, it’s nasty, nasty, nasty even though a few scoops of the Italian gelato above could help;). As a result there has been absolutely no cooking in the “italian foodie” kitchen so today I’m just going to give you a few links to some new Irish & Internaltional  blogs I’ve found recently:

cheese and pears – Andrea lives in Dublin and her blog focuses on Italian food – bit of competition me thinks;)

so food – Adel writes about  her food experiences focusing a lot on Asian food with some great reviews on restaurants in Ireland and Singapore where she lived.

some say cocoa – an Irish blog completely devoted to chocolate, definitely worth a read for chocoholics!

broxholmroad  – Laura is Italian and lives in London and her fabulous blog focusing on Italian desserts is only 10 days old and already I’m addicted.

cannelle vanille – this is my biggest find this week, I can honestly say this is the most beautiful blog I’ve ever seen.  The photography is absolutely stunning, I’m soooooooooo jealous!

happy reading, normal service to resume shortly. In the meantime you can still follow me on twitter if you want to listen to me moaning about how sick I am;)