They say “anyone” can grow vegetables “anywhere” so I want to prove them right. I have never grown veg in my life and although my herbs have come along very nicely I think veg might prove a little harder but I’m going to give it a go anyway. I took a trip to B&Q during the wekk and bought the cheating method of these little cuties above, maybe next year I will try seeds but for a beginner these little starting plants are perfect. I spent the week moving my herbs, turning the soil and getting the B&Q guy carry bag after bag of “multi purpose compost with john innes” to my car. Do I sound like I know what I’m doing? The weather was fabulous today so it was planting time in the Italian foodie house, wish me luck, I’ll keep you updated and if I can grow them then really anybody can grow them but if I fail……….



hopefully I’ll be eating lots of insalate from this little baby…




you dig a hole and plant – EASY PEASY!!! We’ll see….




bru getting his hands dirty….




I may have got a little over excited by this bean but it is a REAL bean in my back garden:)