I don’t know if  I can even call this a recipe as it is so simple, it’s one of those “one pot” meals when you are too lazy (which is generally me) to make too much effort on the cooking side. I really like it though as you can taste each individual ingredient as there is no sauce, it might sound like it’s dry but if you use good quality chicken, I used free range/organic it should have enough moisture and you will have yourself a tasty little dish. You can add stock, white wine, lemon etc if you have to have a sauce as I know some of you probably do, but I’m sticking with this way. I think we tend to rely too much on sauces in Ireland and never actually taste the main ingredient as it’s covered with lots of other flavours so try this for a change and you might be pleasantly surprised:) 

I’m not giving you measurements as I haven’t a clue, I just fire it all into a tray but here’s what you need:

chicken legs and thighs


garlic cloves peeled


sea salt and black pepper

olive oil

what to do:

pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees

peel your potatoes, cut into chunks and par-boil in salted water.

with a sharp knife, make incisions in your chicken pieces and stuff with garlic and thyme, put some under the skin too.

season with salt and pepper

put your chicken and potatoes into a roasting tray and drizzle with olive oil.

cook for about 45 mins until golden and serve.