Do you always cook too many potatoes? I do but then I cook too much of everything, especially pasta, I always add a little more just in case. I even bought a spaghetti measure thingy and I still don’t believe it or trust it, what does a piece of wood with 3 holes know? a lot more than me obviously because I still get it wrong. The one thing I don’t mind being heavy handed with is boiled potatoes because it means I get to make big dirty sautéed potatoes with lots of fried onions and pancetta, perfect for the hips:) (mine aren’t looking too good after Cyprus, why is it when food is “free” you go crazy?)

I don’t know if this is the “technical” way to sauté potatoes but it works for me.  



what you need for 2:

4 cooked potatoes in skins, peeled and sliced

1 onion sliced

1 garlic clove peeled

100g pancetta cubes(optional)

olive oil

20g butter(optional)


what to do:

fill the base of a deep pan with about 6 tbsp of olive oil, heat and add your garlic clove.

cook your garlic until brown and remove. Leave your oil to cool down for a couple of mins.

add your onion and cook until soft and coloured.  Add your pancetta half way if you’re using it.

add your potatoes, season and cook for about 10 mins until golden. Make sure you toss regularly so that they don’t stick.

serve and throw away the scales;)




p.s. new potatoes are great for this recipe even though I think they might be out of season now. Head over to Bord Bia’s best in season site for great info on what to eat now…..