I’m just back from a couple of weeks in Tropea in Calabria and all I can say is WOW!! It’s such a beautiful part of Italy, I have never been that far south and I completely fell in love with the place. My dad retired last year and decided to buy a little pad in the sun and they are now the proud owners of a lovely one bed apartment in Zambrone which is about 10 mins drive from Tropea. They are a 5 min drive to the beach and this is the view above from their terrace. There is a major problem though, my family is probably going to fall apart over this apartment as we are all going to want to stay there a LOT and there is 4 daughters, there will be trouble ahead…….

Here’s a few more pics of the landscape, foodie photos to follow I promise:)




“my” local beach (note the my, let the battle commence……)




I’ve never seen a sea as blue…




I love the colours in this one….




the beach at Tropea…




everywhere we went it just got more beautiful….




the princess loved it too:)