It was the princess’ birthday on Monday so on Sunday we headed out to Killaloe to visit the farmer’s market and feed the ducks which she loves. The market is small but it has some nice stalls and we picked up some lovely organic spinach and large field mushrooms. We popped into Andrew in Ponte Vecchio for a quick macchiato too, his little Italian shop was buzzing with Sunday morning revellers sipping coffee and reading the papers. The place is tiny but he stocks a great range of Italian products and wines and has a lovely selection of home-made cakes so if you’re out that way pop in.

I love this recipe, we always eat quite late at night with one of us working in the shop everyday so we just want something light and fulfilling that’s not going to take hours to digest especially at 10pm at night and this fits the bill perfectly.



what you need:

4 large field mushrooms

1 bag of spinach, forget the weight, sowwy as the princess would say!

100g pancetta cubes

1 garlic clove

30g dried or fresh breadcrumbs(fine without too)

50g grated parmesan cheese

4 tbsp olive oil

sea salt and black pepper


what to do:

pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees.

wash and rinse your spinach and cook in a dry pan for 2-3 mins until wilted. Drain and squeeze out as much liquid as possible and finely chop.

cut the stalks out of the mushrooms and finely chop.

heat your oil and add your onions and garlic and cook over a low heat for about 10 mins until soft but not coloured.

add your pancetta and mushroom stalks and cook for 5 minutes.

add your spinach, breadcrumbs and 1/2 your parmesan to the pan, season and toss together.

arrange your mushrooms rounded side down on a baking tray, season and divide your stuffing between the mushrooms. Top with parmesan cheese.

cook for 15 mins until crisp and golden.


buon appetito…