So I mentioned recently I have become a low-carber……

It was a shock to me too given the name of this blog and the amount of pasta, pizza, bruschetta, focaccia I would consume in any given week! I’ve never really been overweight but I’ve always been one of those people who carried a few extra pounds which if shifted would result in a pretty skinny lady. I’ve always eaten well but suffered from extreme cravings which I knew myself was my body not me if that makes sense, I wasn’t eating emotionally or anything like that, it was like my body needed sugar and it needed it now, it was impossible to fight it but I did my best and kept my weight fairly in line BUT there was always the issue of the “fat around the middle”!!

There is 14 on my mom’s side and all 14 of them have fat around the middle with 10 of them having diabetes so I knew it was in the family so I put it down to genetic as I stuffed another slice of pepperoni in my mouth washed down with a peroni. It wasn’t until one day passing my local health shop I spotted a book in big block writing FAT AROUND THE MIDDLE, I thought what the hell I might aswell have a read of it and see what it says. I never buy any books like this, the only books I buy are cookbooks and that’s the truth but the title caught me and made me think a little. I started the book that evening and stayed up until 3am reading it, nodding away in agreement at all the questions asked and genuinely felt like the book had been written for me personally!

I’m not going to go into all the boring details of the book but basically it’s all about insulin, cortisol etc so I decided the next day that this was the way forward for me and I started on the diet immediately. It’s basically a low carb, low GI diet involving no refined carbs, eating lots of fish and veggies(no potatoes and carrots) fruit(no bananas or grapes), lots of water, no beer only wine and an occasional treat of dark chocolate. The premise is the more refined carbs you eat the more your apple-shaped body craves them so they had to go and they did. Did I struggle?? Nope not a bit, I couldn’t believe it, after a couple of days I felt better than I had in a long time, my bloated belly had disappeared, I had more energy and wasn’t as tired in the afternoon, I felt like a new person.

 I’ve been following it now since Aug and I’ve lost a stone exactly, I have another 7lbs to go and I will be very slim then, I’ll be at my perfect weight for my height, a little lighter even. I’ve allowed myself the occasional pizza slice and focaccia but haven’t had pasta or a slice of toast now in nearly 2 months! I do allow myself a dessert at the weekend and Lindt and Green & Black’s dark chocolate have become my best friends. The diet has spurred me on to investigate other aspects of my life that have been giving me trouble and have helped me identify a couple of medical issues that I never knew I had and diet is very important in managing them so it has helped me in more ways than one! It is now more about my health than weight loss and how I look.

As a result I’m cooking a lot of no carb meals which I have no problem with anyway as I think this type of diet is actually very easy when you love cooking from scratch anyway. Eggs feature quite a bit and I’m always trying to come with new ways so I tried this recipe the other day and it was very tasty, it’s very simple and just makes a change from regular scrambled eggs plus it gets some greens into you…

what you need:

6 eggs

250g spinach

8 basil leaves

1 shallot chopped

20g grated parmesan

2 tbsp olive oil

salt and pepper

what to do:

heat a pan, wash and cook the spinach until wilted. Squeeze out as much water as possible and chop

beat the eggs, season and add the parmesan, spinach and basil

heat the olive oil in a pan and cook your shallot for about 5 mins until softened

add your egg mixture, cook over a medium heat stirring constantly

serve with some grated parmesan and basil leaves on top

p.s This blog is not going to become a low carb blog as the rest of the family are eating as much carbs as ever but I will feature recipes from time to time..