Wow it’s been a busy week, my blog was mentioned by Paulo Tullio in his restaurant review in the Independant last Saturday and then this week I was the foodie to follow  in the Independant and I was featured in a Blogging in Ireland piece in the Examiner. Blogging and social media is becoming so main stream now, I remember when I started this blog 4 years ago and anyone I mentioned the blog to hadn’t a clue what I was talking about and looked at me like I had 2 heads! A lot has changed since then, I do find Social Media is overtaking blogging a bit though and I tend to keep this for recipes and rants now and chat away about my life in general over on Twitter whereas when I started this blog I used to chat a lot more on here and it was like my online diary in a way but after 4 years you do tend to run out of things to say I suppose so I’ll keep going the way I am.

The branding process is going great and the latest options we’ve been given by Midpoint Creative are really good, we’re nearly there I think. The latest images really represent us and I’m starting to get really excited now, we’re off to Bordbia’s Vantage Programme on Tuesday and I’m hoping we’ll learn a lot through that about the production side of our sauces & ready meals and most importantly route to market.  We’re off to London the following week for a couple of days for research and inspiration so if there are any UK artisan brands or Speciality Food Shops that you know of that we should visit please let me know please and thanks:)

Sooooo, today’s recipe, very simple, frickin delicious and a brilliant one to make with smallies! Mini italian foodie was in her element as she has a tendency to sit with a jar of nutella and a spoon in front of the telly so anything involving her favourite chocolate spread was going to be a winner! I’ve based this recipe on the Humming Bird Cookbook as they make everything in an electric mixer so it was my chance to put Mr italian foodie’s Christmas present from me to him to the test! Yes I’ve always wanted a Kitchen Aid so I bought it for him for Christmas……


L xx