Mini Italian foodie has been home all week with the “Chicken Pops” and to prevent us from going stir crazy from and the telly we’ve been busy baking and cooking. If this child doesn’t end up working in food in the future no child will even though she is still the worst eater ever! I mentioned that I bought Mr Italian Foodie a kitchen aid for Christmas and I must say it is the best present I’ve ever bought him/us 🙂 Baking is so much easier especially with young children and I’ve baked so much more since getting it, the only problem is I’m going to be as fat as a fool at this rate….

So Mini IF was housebound for Valentines so she wanted to make something special for her “daddy” seen as he presented the 2 of us with 2 big bunches of flowers on Valentine’s morning.  Her little face lit up when she saw the huge bunch of sunflowers, she has been very cute all week showing every visitor “her flowers” so red velvet cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook seemed like the most appropriate thing to bake for the day that was in it. I had never tried these before but have heard a lot about them, O.M.G they are divine. Grandma Italian Foodie pronounced they were the nicest cupcake she had ever eaten so say no more…..

        Ms Chicken Pops herself interfering with my photos:)



L xx