Welcome to my little blog where I write about my life as an Irish mamma living in Limerick with an Italian family. My partner Bruno was born here in Ireland to Italian parents, one from the south of Italy and the other from the north and where did they meet?? in Limerick. Bruno spent his summers in Italy and is fluent in Italian, I on the other hand spent my summers in Salthill and Tramore.

My first visit to Italy was a school tour when I was 14 and I swore on that tour that I would marry an Italian:). I loved everything about Italy even at that age, the food, the culture, the style and their great attitude to life and family. I met Bruno when I was 18 and have been travelling to Italy a couple of times a year since.

Bruno’s family have been involved in the restaurant business for over 30 years and I left my high flying career over 5 years ago to join them. Myself and Bruno opened an Italian deli and take-away in Castletroy in 2003 and have gone from strength to strength since. We were supposed to open a new Italian restaurant this year but the current economic climate put a stop to that, hopefully it will happen in the future.



We have a little 2 year old so the recipes I post here will always be of the simple variety as there isn’t much time between running the business and looking after the princess for anything fancy in the kitchen. I love simple food anyway using good quality ingredients and that is what I will focus on in this blog.

Hope you enjoy my blog:)