Nothing glamorous or sophisticated for you today I’m afraid, all I have to offer is a basic plate of eggs and beans. What ???? I hear you shout and I know this isn’t going to get you too excited or fulfil your “food porn” cravings but if you like scrambled eggs this is a really good variation. As usual it’s as simple as you can get using staples from the fridge and cupboard, so if you’ve had enough of the basic scrambled egg recipe give this a go and you might be pleasantly surprised. Serve it with some toasted ciabatta on the side and you’ll have a perfect brunch or light lunch.

what you need for 2:

6 eggs

400g can borlotti beans drained and rinsed under cold water

1 small onion

handful grated parmesan cheese

olive oil

sea salt and black pepper


what to do:

crack your eggs into a bowl and lightly beat:













cut your onion in half and slice  thinly, cook over a low heat until soft but not coloured:














add your beans to your onions and cook over a low heat for about 5-7 mins:














season your egg mix and add your Parmesan:














when your beans are cooked add your egg mix:














stir with a fork or spatula and cook until creamy:














 serve or eat from the pan, it’s entirely up to you:) Me, I’d never do that!