I rarely make desserts, I just never seem to have the time. Whatever time I do have it’s spent cooking and being mamma, I don’t know how many times I’ve promised mini Italian foodie that we’ll make cupcakes etc but then the day passes us by going to the park, drawing tinkerbell, making lots of sparkly pink things and it’s dinner time before we know it! So while looking through an Olive magazine chocolate supplement recently and after lots of “oohing and aahing” and great plans to make everything in the book we decided on this simple little recipe.

 This recipe is perfect to make with smallies as it includes everything they love – chocolate and crunchies, it won’t be the most mind-blowing, taste bud tantalising dessert you’ll ever have and I doubt it will make it to the kitchen of a Michelin Star restaurant but it’s simple and can be made in minutes with your little one,  and most importantly it involves lots of spoon licking, chocolate covered mouths, half eaten crunchie bars and lots of mammy fun….

what you need:

150g chocolate! I used 100g of Lindt milk chocolate and 50g Green & Black’s dark chocolate.

3 x 40g crunchie bars – 2 for the recipe roughly chopped and 1 for the chocolate covered mouths…

224ml double cream

250ml tub mascarpone

what to do:

 – melt the chocolate, then stir in most of the crunchie pieces

 – gently stir the cream into the mascarpone

 – stir in the chocolate

 – spoon into small glasses or espresso cups

 – top with the remaining crunchie pieces and grated chocolate